Basic Tips On How To Stop Hemorrhoids


Everybody sits. People around the entire world, at one point or another during there day, sit down on their rear end for any number of reasons. They could be sitting down to enjoy a nice meal with their family or during their lunch break at work. They could be sitting down to cuddle with their loved one and watch a good movie while enjoying each others company. Or they could even be sitting down to do their work. So with as often as people need to sit, the fear of hemorrhoids is a very real one.

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Hemorrhoids are a terrible affliction that is caused by the blood vessels around the rectum becoming swollen or inflamed. They can also be very painful. They also come in two types, internal and external.

Internal hemorrhoids are usually not painful due to where they are located, but they will cause bleeding when irritated and can lead to more issues if not treated. External hemorrhoids are found on the outside right at the end of the anal cavity around the rectum. These can swell and become very painful, causing sitting to become a chore.

There are many causes of hemorrhoids, but most of them can be prevented with simple tips on how to stop hemorrhoids. These are very basic tips that everyone can and should follow to avoid developing these horrible afflictions.

Avoid Constipation, as this can lead to hemorrhoid growth. Below are some basic tips on how to stop hemorrhoids by avoiding constipation:

- Eat foods that are high in fiber, such as beans and whole grains.

- Drink enough water and fluids every day so that your urine is clear.

- Try to do at least half an hour of basic exercise every day.

- Make sure that you have a bowel movement every day. Be sure not to strain and to let it occur naturally.

- Go to the bathroom as soon as you have the urge. If you cannot get to a restroom right away, be sure to head there as soon as the chance presents itself.


- As strange as it sounds, remember to breathe naturally when using the restroom. Holding your breath can lead to straining.

- Do not stay on the toilet longer than needed. As soon as you’re done, get off the toilet. The position your body is in while on the toilet seat can lead to straining of the rectum.

By making a few simple changes to your daily activity, you can also easily learn how to stop hemorrhoids with very simple changes.

- Avoid long periods of sitting. Even if you’re just getting up and walking around your living room or cubicle for a few minutes.

- Try to avoid excessive heavy lifting. If you do life objects, always exhale as you lift, being sure not to hold your breath.

- Sleeping on your side can help keep pressure off the blood vessels around the rectum, especially if you are pregnant.

By simply following these basic tips, you can prevent and stop hemorrhoids from interfering with your life.